You need an online sales funnel in this post-pandemic economy

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If you are involved in selling any products or services online (and everyone should be, nowadays), then you've probably heard about funnels.

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Online sales funnels and how they work

Online sales funnels are a system of web pages and messages that lead an interested prospect from being a sales lead to a repeat customer of yours.

How does this work? You've probably been inside many funnels yourself.

  1. You were surfing a website, reading about something of interest to you - say, interior design.

  2. A box pops up asking for your email address and they'll send you a complimentary report on how to plan a makeover for your home. Intrigued, you fill in the form.

  3. Seconds later, a PDF arrives in your inbox. You find the information interesting and usable, and you start planning your home makeover.

  4. Over the next few weeks, you receive emails following up on the home makeover. These emails provide you with more tips. Advice on troubleshooting problems. Resources on where you can get supplies. The emails describe the company's interior design services to you.

  5. The follow-up emails point you back to the website you visited weeks ago, and you find yourself back there again to hire their interior design services for your home makeover.

  6. While you're there, you're intrigued by a book published by the company, offering a complete guide on creating the home of your dreams. You order a hardcover edition and they say it will be sent out to you within 24 hours.

  7. Meanwhile, 2.4 seconds later, the PDF version is already in your inbox so you can start reading straightaway.

This is an online sales funnel and it can be a great way for you to discover great products and services that interest you.

Online sales funnels and how they can work for you

On the flip side, an online funnel can turn interested people into repeat customers of your products or services.

Are you a baker? A tailor? A candlestick maker?

You need an online sales funnel.

Are you selling books? Makeup? Real estate?

You can profit from an online sales funnel.

Are you a magical clown? A painter? A lawyer?

You can open whole new markets with an online sales funnel.

Hey, the recent pandemic has basically shouted out loud that you can't do without an online sales funnel.

Ingredients of an online sales funnel

So, what makes up an online sales funnel?

Here it is:

  1. A capture page
  2. An offer
  3. A sales page
  4. An upsell or more
  5. A follow-up email autoresponder

How does it work together?

  1. Your capture page records your prospect's email address
  2. Your offer gives your prospect a valuable reason to share their email address with you
  3. Your sales page immediately presents your main product or service to your prospect. They might or might not buy at this time
  4. If they do buy, your upsell adds value to your customer's main purchase. Fries and Coke with a burger. An audiobook with a hardcover purchase. The ability to share access to a download with five family members. And so on and so forth
  5. Your email autoresponder automatically sends a series of emails to guide your interested person along your online sales funnel. If they haven't purchased your main offer, the emails will explain why your offer is great for them. If they have purchased, your emails will show them how your upsells will make things even better!

Get set up with your online sales funnel

In this post-pandemic world, more than ever, you need an online sales funnel and the training on how to set it up and run it: capture page, offer, sales page, upsell pages, and email autoresponder.

What do I use and love?

This free one:

And this premium one:

Finally, drop me a line if you need support setting up your online sales funnel.

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