It doesn’t matter whether you identify with Christianity, a particular church, or none at all. But this story begins back when I was pastoring a church.

Someone back then commented about another congregation, that it was a “feel good church.”
They meant it as an insult, but it got me thinking, Well, yea. Should it be a “feel bad church” instead? What good does that do?

And so my philosophy of a church is that it should be a “feel good church.” At least most of the time. (Sometimes you do bad, and then you should feel bad.)
But basically, Jesus commanded his followers to preach the “good news.” Not “bad news.”

So, does good news make you feel good or bad?
Of course it makes you feel good!

Yet, Christ did not advocate escapism or denial.
The fact is, sometimes we mess up. Sometimes we do evil. Only then should we feel bad for having done wrong. But the message of Christ is that God forgives, and God makes things right again. That’s the good news of the gospel.

So, if you’ve been made right, do you feel good or bad?
You feel good, of course!

Now, I know that some churches have a culture where they only feel good if they’re feeling bad. “We’re sinners saved by grace, after all, and don’t you ever forget that!”

Well, yea. But what’s a sinner who’s been saved? A saint.

So you’re a saint.

Why do you keep pretending to be a sinner, then? Because someone told you that you should feel bad?

Look, this is how it works. You realise your depravity. You feel bad. You look to God for his divine grace. You experience a transformation. And you feel good.

And you should feel good – until and unless the power of grace becomes of no more effect. (Which is never.)

That’s why I don’t ever advocate walking around under a black cloud of condemnation. That’s an affront to the work of Christ on the cross.
You should feel good because Christ has made you good.
Anything less is a lie.

Beating yourself up, self-flagellation, is an expression of an internal belief that the transforming work of Christ is somehow insufficient and you need to make up for it with some effort of your own.

So I advocate for a good-feeling conscience as the normal human state. Not guilt, shame and inadequacy.

I promote a “feel good tribe.”
I call it Fuel Good Tribe because I’m a punny guy and I enjoy wordplay.

Christ has made you good. So you should “feel” good.
And this good feeling should “fuel” good works on your part. Naturally, not compulsively.
If you feel good, you’ll do good and be good without conscious strain. It just flows.

So, yea, my feel good tribe isn’t narcissistic, but world healing. It’s life-giving. It’s concerned with personal, spiritual growth.

And when you’re feeling good, it means that you’re well in every aspect.

  • Spirit? Check.
  • Relationships? Check.
  • Work? Check.
  • Body? Check.
  • Money and things? Check.

Fuel Good Tribe is about feeling good and doing good because you’ve been made good by divine grace.
Simple as that. No adding on to the work of Christ, who on the cross said, “It is finished.”

We identify with the death of Christ. Our sins, sorrows, selfishness put to death.

We identify with the resurrection of Christ. Our spirit, significance and satisfaction brought to life.

I care less whether you identify with Christianity, a particular church, or none at all.
I care that you identify with Christ, the revelation of the “second Adam.” The divine human. (Pardon me if this terminology is obscure. I’ll unpack it in a later post.)
I care that you see the divine when you look in the mirror every morning.


FUEL is food. It's that which keeps us going.

GOOD is nature. That which perpetuates life and itself.

TRIBE is a community of people who identify with each other and a central idea.

FUEL GOOD is also a pun. Because I just love me a good pun. FUEL GOOD is a homophonic phrase for FEEL GOOD.

To FEEL GOOD is to have a clear conscience and an aligned intuition. It is a barometer that things are going well, according to a transcendent, mystical ideal.

It is that sense of FLOW.

Welcome to the FUEL GOOD TRIBE.


This is me.
Alpha Lim

Mystic Preacher Man


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