Special Day of the Dead screening of The Book of Life

Today, I was scrolling through Netflix, looking for something to watch. Scroll, meh. Scroll, meh. Scroll, meh. Scroll - Wait, is that The Book of Life?

I caught it randomly with the family, four years ago, and found it magical. Quite mind-expanding, mystical and inspiring.

So, I pressed Play, and the opening scene rolled on. A bunch of school kids were visiting a museum, and the tour guide was telling them, Today is a very special day in Mexico. Today is the Second of November, the Day of the Dead... 

I looked at the corner of my laptop screen.

Second November.

The Day of the Dead.

Of course, I gleefully watched the movie as I waited for the wife and son to arrive at the office to meet me.

And they arrived right after the guy finished singing to the bull; the pivotal and high point of the movie to me.

Coincidence? Or is it a "special day, special screening" kind of thing?

Do you ever feel like somebody's looking out for you? 


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